Provision of instrument laboratory for calibration services Consultancy

Regular calibration is essential to keep the instrumentation controlling your critical processes in spec. Cloy provides timely, traceable, and cost-effective services that are accompanied by clear and concise calibration certificates. From accurate on-site testing to fully accredited laboratory calibration, we carry out and advise on every aspect of instrument calibration to meet all your business requirements.

How we can support you

We continually strive for the best quality industry standards to provide our customers with cost-effective and sustainable solutions for each project Cloy offers a full range of calibration services for your instrumentation equipment. Therefore, our engineers and technicians handle all aspects of on-site instrument calibration services. Your individual needs and technical core processes are always our focus.

  • Traceable calibration of any measurement instrumentation
  • Clear and comprehensive calibration certificate with conformity statement
  • Providing centralized access to all your calibration documentation and calibration history (on demand)

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