[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CLOY! Procurement Business Strategy moves into focusing on the proactive management procurement process from design, through acquisition and supply to monitoring the performance of materials and services once in use.

CLOY… In her operations for so many years has found out that procurement has been an undervalued activity in its contribution to corporate performance improvement and value for money management. Inadequate planning, poor communication, weak performance measurement, have resulted in delays and compromise on requested specifications. The acceptance to total procurement business process that embraces all disciplines involved in the activities directly addresses these traditional issues namely; design, Specify, Acquire, use and Dispose. We shall develop all necessary control procedures during the phases of the contract and keep CLIENT fully informed at all times on matters related to the
work. All computer based programs, project management, etc, shall be carried out on compatible software.

CLOY… shall conduct a global knowledge and co-ordinate procurement in order to exploit Client’s leverage while being responsive to the objectives. We shall adopt differentiation in procurement techniques according to materials and services being purchased. CLOY! shall conduct her activities safely and contribute to environmental protection in areas of waste disposal, handling and storage of hazardous materials, selection of interpreted and implemented correctly and in accordance
with good “Engineering Practice” during work—operation/maintenance instruction for equipment/materials —-reconciliation of materials and equipment inve ntory. Dossier shall be found in hard covers and fully indexed for ease of reference. CLOY! Organization shall structure materials activities in order to facilitate access to materials services by end users while maintaining the appropriate level of functional co-ordination and management. This will also enhance job content and emphasizes individual responsibilities.

CLOY! Provides professional technical staff with the required mix of business,managerial and specialist skills capable of:
! Actively participating in decision making process in the management of our
Client’s business
! Providing quality materials services
! Performing in accordance with the highest ethical standards
! Proving expert hand-on skills and advice to system, maintaining and repairs
supervise, mentor and train nationals on various aspect of any system in the il
and Gas Industries[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]