Manpower services

Our recruitment, manpower supply and placement business is focused on sourcing for professionals (Local and Expatriate), vocational staff, technicians and interns.

We provide these services through our well established competencies which include, but not limited to the following:

  • Rich and robust database of highly skilled professionals, vocational and technicians, both local and expatriates, suitable and available for quick placement as permanent, temporary and contract staffing.
  • Analysis of needs of the client
  • Drafting the profile of the position
  • Highly standardized interview and assessment processes.
  • Verification of educational and experiential qualifications claims (Background Check).
  • Very efficient and effective management of on boarding and induction processes for new hires.
  • Client’s staff performance evaluation and management.
  • Staff Training and Development.
  • Internship placement
  • Immigrations and Expatriates Services.
  • Providing well trained and courteous Project Teams

Our Methodology

In providing recruitment support services, we adopt the under listed methods:

  • Review our client’s detailed brief on expectations.
  • Clarify job description and specification.
  • Advertise, search our data base and contact links/headhunt in the specific


  • Shortlist applications against specifications provided by clients – assess candidates’ educational and experiential competence.
  • Schedule interview for qualified applicants
  • Conduct the interviews for the shortlisted candidates(if required by the client)
  • Present final selected candidates to the client
  • Assist the client in final selection interviews